2nd Meeting WG Black Sea Renewable Energy

26 November 2010, 16:30-20:00
Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece



1  Welcome by the Chairman
M. Paun welcomed all participants and invited them to introduce themselves. He thanked SEV for supporting the organisation of the Second Meeting of the WG Black Sea Renewable Energy on the occasion of the Black Sea Business Forum under the title “The New Era of Green Entrepreneurship” in Thessaloniki, 26 November 2010.
SEV, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) co-organized in Thessaloniki the Black Sea Business Forum. The Forum took place in parallel to the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) in the framework of the Hellenic Chairmanship in the 2nd semester of 2010, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic and the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank (BSTDB).
The purpose of the Forum was to point out the sectors and the potentials for cooperation in the markets from Western Balkans to the Black Sea and Caspian region. In the framework of the new era in green economy and innovative entrepreneurship, the Forum focused on energy and RES, constructions and new green materials, financing green projects and research and innovation combined with business initiatives.

2 Attendance, quorum, approval of Agenda A tour of table was made and the Agenda was tabled. M. Paun made a brief introduction of the Agenda. Agenda was approved as it was proposed. Agenda was tabled. The list of participants to the Round Table has been prepared by the participants to the meeting.

3 Objective of the Round Table, Workplan and Working Groups leadership/membership
M. Paun presented the objectives and expected outcome of this WG BS Renewable meeting. This include setting up the Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy and consolidating the membership of the Working Group on Strategic Review on Renewable Energy in the Black Sea Region, based on the outcome of the first WG meeting at the BSREF 2010 in Bucharest three weeks ago. Another objective of this meeting is to bring together decision makers from utilities, governments’ representatives, NGOs and other stakeholders interested in Renewables in the Black Sea region. Discussion on the Work Plan 2010-2012, Working Groups leadership, membership confirmation, and agreement on the Terms of Reference is also part of the agenda.

4 Outcome of the 1st WG Black Sea Renewable Energy Meeting in Bucharest
M. Paun made a presentation on the Outcome of the 1st WG Black Sea Renewable Energy Meeting in Bucharest. This topic was introduced by M. Paun in Session IV of the Forum – “The role of research & innovation in the Black Sea region”, in the presentation with the title “Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy - Strategy and Framework for Future Cooperation”. M. Paun distributed printed copies of the presentation to all participants.
In his Lunch-Keynote Addresses at the Forum, H.E. Minister for Foreign Affairs of Romania, Mr. Teodor Baconschi stressed the strategic importance of the Black Sea markets, which still sustain development prospects, although the financial crisis. The Black Sea region has 450 million prospective consumers and offers investment opportunities in the fields of energy and RES.
In his message, Mr. Teodor Baconschi underlined several times the importance of cooperation in the Black Sea Region focusing on the key role of creating the Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy. This initiative was encouraged following the preliminary discussions at the Round Table within the Programme of BSREF 2010 in Bucharest, 8-10 November.

6 Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy
• Terms of Reference
M. Paun presented the ToRs of the Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy (available at http://www.blacksea-renew.com/). ToRs should be circulated for comments and approval to all members of the WG.
• Draft Proposal, Consortium, MoU
Based on the approved ToRs a Proposal should be redrafted. Consortia should be defined. Ideally it should include at least one partner from each Black Sea country (AZ , BG, GR, RO, TK, UKR, etc).
• Discussion
Participants expressed their views on the proposed topics.
M. Zongur propsed the following actions:
1) Share these minutes with the participants at the 1st WG RES BS in Bucharest and at the 2nd WG RES BS in Thessaloniki for their eventual comments and contributions,
2) Draft a "Road Map", "Concept Paper" for the Project and justify "Why we need such a Center in the Black Sea ?" by clarifying:
- The objective(s)- Focused and clear
- Membership Structure - Balanced in terms of regional, sectoral and organizational distribution.
- Work Programme- Feasible programme for 2011-2012
3) Share this "Road Map" with the W. Group Members to finalize the document as per their feedbacks.
4) Share the finalized document with other possible partners (at this stage it is important that every member of the W.Group uses their own networks to forward it to reach the maximum possible number of people and institutions...)
5) Make a Call to interested parties for a Third Meeting in Brussels (or somewhere else if there is an interesting event with regards to renewable energy etc.) and open to signature the MoU for the creation of this Center at the earliest convenience.
In the meantime, members of the WG need to try to identify the sources of funding for this initiative. This should not only depend on EU sources and other alternatives should be identified.
M. Paun indicated that most of the information needed for the “Road Map” already exists and it is available in the two ToRs documents and in the BSREF 2010 Concept document. However, a reformulation in a more focused Draft Proposal should be prepared by the WG. M. Zongur informed participants about the Workshop on "Perspectives of green economy and green business applications in Azerbaijan", Baku, 13-14 December . He encouraged members’ participation and offered to promote the initiative of the “Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy – BS-RCERES” on this occasion.
Ivo Tsarev – Chairman of the Industrial Association – SMOLYAN from Bulgaria volunteered to set up a Forum Page on the web where all informations about the BS CE RES can be uploaded by members of the WG. This could be organized by I. Tsarev in ten days. The name of the Forum could be “Black Sea Renewable.com” if it does not exist already.
I. Tsarev recorded the discussions and offered to make available and circulate the main points of the discussion/conclusions and actions together with the electronic document in mp3 format if possible.
He proposed defining the sustainability of the Proposal (including solutions to keep the Center of Excellence running after the initial financial support is finished). A membership fee could be proposed as a mechanism to ensure continuity of the project. Human resources, benefits and market position should be considered as well in the proposal.

7 Working Group on Strategic Review on Renewable Energy in the Black Sea Region
• Terms of Reference, Membership, Secretariat, Discussion
The Chairman presented the ToRs of the Working Group on Strategic Review on Renewable Energy in the Black Sea Region (available at http://www.blacksea-renew.com/).
M. Paun indicated that the role of the WG RES BS is to act as an engine to promote, prepare and create the “Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy”.
B. Potlogia of Ae3R expressed his views on the Partnership/Consortia to be created and clearly indicated that Ae3R is fully Committed to be part of this international Consortia. He offered Ae3R contribution for the joint-secretarial support for the WG during the first 1 year period beginning January 2011. He expressed the availability of Ae3R for hosting the “Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy” in their offices for a first period of activity of the BS-RCERES.
M. Paun proposed the Secretariat should draft one page Membership Form to be uploaded on the web and then start collecting membership subscriptions from all interested bodies. This should be included in the Agenda of the next meeting in 2011.

8 Conclusions and next steps
• Liaisons with other Platforms/Initiatives
M. Zongur indicated the website for the Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation Programme available at: http://www.blacksea-cbc.net/ . The Head of the Programme is Mr. Iuli Bara, Romanian Citizen, who knows UBCCE. He was invited as speaker in UBCCE 3rd Business Forum which was held in Thessaloniki last year. His mail is: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea. (http://www.blacksea-cbc.net/index.php/eng )
M. Zongur suggested a contact should be made with Prof. Bahri Yilmaz from Sabanci University to establish contact with the people in charge of the the soon to be established International Center for Energy and Climate Change" in the same University. (Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.)
M. Paun summarized the conclusions of the 2nd WG RES BS meeting and discussion:

  • Draft the "Road Map" for the Project by end 2010 – Action by All coordinated by M. Paun and M. Zongur.
  • An event on “Renewables/Center of Excellence Black Sea” could be organized in the first part of 2011 under the Romanian Presidency of BSCE – M. Paun to coordinate with MAE/RO.
  • Web Forum Page to be set up by I. Tsarev in coordination with BSREF 2010 (M. Draghicescu – event coordinator)
  • Liaisons with other Platforms/Initiatives to be explored and build cooperation with.
  • One page Membership Form to be drafted and uploaded
  • Comments to the Minutes to be sent to M. Paun by all by 15 December 2010, then uploaded.

    • Date and place of the next meetings

The 3rd WG RES BS meeting could take place in Brussels or could be related to a future RES event. A date should be agreed, and this meeting date should be before the end of February 2011. A web based forum should be used to agree upon the date of the next meeting. M. Paun will inform all members about that.

9 Any other business
There were no other issues discussed.

10 Meeting ends
The chairman thanked all participants for their availability to contribute to the discussion up to such a late hour (20:00) and closed the meeting.



1. Building up the Working Group on Strategic Review on Renewable Energy in the Black Sea Region;
2. Developing the Project and Consortia for the Black Sea Regional Centre of Excellence on Renewable Energy – BS-RCEREN; Discussion on MoU;
3. Discussion on the Work Plan 2010-2012, Working Groups membership/leadership, and agreement on the Terms of Reference.  


2nd Meeting WG Black Sea Renewable Energy

26 November 2010, 16:30-20:00 
Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece

1 Vicky FLOROU SEV International Relations GR
2 Mariana KANCEVA Union of the Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities Executive Director BG
3 Maya KRISTEVA VIA EXPO Executive Director BG
4 Eleonora NEGULOVA National Association of SMB BG Chairwoman BG
6 Mihai PAUN ACPR Permanent Delegate EU RO
7 Bogdan POTLOGIA AE3R Executive Director RO
8 Elena SIMEONOVA Dobrich Local Agency for Energy Management CEO BG
9 Radu SOKORIN AE3R Energy Expert RO
10 Nicolas STAVRIDIS RESTIS Group Companies Director GR
11 Ivo TSAREV Industrial Association - SMOLYAN Chairman BG
12 Murat ZONGUR UBCCE Secretary General TK

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