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EmBuild: Beyond energy savings – Accounting multiple benefits of local building renovation (webinar) PDF Imprimare Email

Save the date for the EmBuild webinar on the wider benefits of local building renovation, that will be held on April 19 at 15:00 CET. The no-cost webinar will be hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

Energy renovations are not just about saving on utility bills or cutting CO2-emissions. They can also have a windfall of other effects for our social, economic and personal lives, the so-called multiple benefits. The webinar will focus on these benefits, which are too often overlooked when considering a renovation project.

The Horizon2020 project EmBuild is developing a novel approach to help assessing the multiple benefits of public buildings renovation. The knowledge-based method eases the weighting and evaluation of benefits for public authorities. For the first time, municipalities can use this comprehensive approach to implement wider benefits in their decision-making processes and the necessary reporting and evaluation schemes for deep renovation measures.

The wider benefits assessment is embedded in the overall EmBuild goal to support public authorities in Southeast European countries in preparing long-term strategies for mobilizing investment in the energy efficient renovation of the building stock.

The webinar presentations will be followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.

If you are interested in the following agenda, please use the registration link below.


▪ Welcome and introduction | Mariangiola Fabbri, BPIE

▪ EmBuild: the development of a novel approach to assess the multiple benefits of public buildings renovation | Sebastian Botzler, Technische Universität München (TUM)

▪ Assessment of wider benefits triggering renovation | Audrey Nugent, WGBC

▪ Practical experience with wider benefit analysis from Slovenia | Niko Natek, KSSENA

▪ Q&A

Registrate here.